Production of Glasses for Drivers with Diopters

Our experts will take your individual needs into account and create glasses that not only correct your diopters, but also provide excellent visibility and image quality

Glasses for drivers with diopters: Safety and comfort behind the wheel

Feel confident and safe behind the wheel with our diopter glasses for drivers

Stylish, functional and uncompromisingly high quality glasses

Our team will create glasses that not only correct diopters, but also provide high-quality and comfortable vision. Enjoy safe driving with stylish glasses that accentuate your look and bring out the colors.

Lenses are certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Meet safety standards
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Enjoy safe driving with stylish eyewear that accentuates your look and brings out the colors.

We adhere to standards

We have certificates from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and conclusions on safety for eyes and eyes.

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Test Drive of MIROU™ Glasses

The idea to provide the opportunity to test drive arose due to the appearance of fakes on the market that look similar but do not meet the claimed characteristics.

It is important for us that you personally verify the quality of our products and that our glasses fully fulfill all the declared functions.

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