Inserting Our Lenses Into Your Frame

Give your glasses a new lease of life and unrivaled vision on the road by inserting our high-quality driver lenses into your favorite frame

Bring your favorite frames to life

Our team of professionals will fit our special driver lenses into your frame to ensure excellent visibility, comfort and safety while driving

Replacing lenses in glasses

Whether you have classic or fashionable frames, we will make the lenses fit perfectly, ensuring high quality workmanship and an exact match to the shape of your original lenses.Make your eyewear unique and continue to enjoy unrivaled comfort and style while staying true to your favorite frame.

Lenses are certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Meet safety standards
Don't miss the opportunity!

Keep your unique style and comfort, and save money compared to buying new glasses

Lenses that can be fitted to your frame

Насолоджуйтесь безпечним водінням у стильних окулярах, які підкреслять ваш образ та нададуть яскравість кольорам.

Yellow Lenses

They produce a high-contrast image that helps distinguish colors in low light conditions.

Brown Lenses

They provide natural color and balanced contrast, making them ideal for use in the sun.

Gray Lenses

Provide natural color perception and balanced contrast in all lighting conditions.

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Test Brive of MIROU™ Glasses

The idea to provide the opportunity to test drive arose due to the appearance of fakes on the market that look similar but do not meet the claimed characteristics.

It is important for us that you personally verify the quality of our products and that our glasses fully fulfill all the declared functions.

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