Our customized services allow us to take into account your unique needs, providing you with optimal results

Customized Services to Meet Your Needs

Our qualified specialists work with great attention to detail, guaranteeing you the highest quality of each service.

Inserting our lenses into your frame

We provide the service of inserting our high-quality lenses into your own frame so you can enjoy comfort and protection without changing your favorite style.

Production of glasses for drivers with diopters

We offer customized eyewear for drivers with different diopters to ensure you have clear vision on the road and maximum comfort while driving.

Replacing lenses in glasses for drivers

Here you can get a lens replacement service for your driver's glasses to maintain optimal visibility and safety on the road without having to buy a new frame.

Production of sunglasses with diopters

We manufacture sunglasses with diopters that allow you to enjoy a bright sunny day while maintaining the quality of vision and protection from harmful rays.

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Test Drive of MIROU™ Glasses

The idea to provide the opportunity to test drive arose due to the appearance of fakes on the market that look similar but do not meet the claimed characteristics.

It is important for us that you personally verify the quality of our products and that our glasses fully fulfill all the declared functions.

Partners where you can buy MIROU™ products

You can also buy products in our office, where you can find the full range of MIROU™ products and get individual advice from our experts. We will help you to find the best solutions for your style and needs. 

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